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2019 Faculty Recognition Reception Honors Past REACH Participants and ADVANCE Speakers

Posted: May 9, 2019

Ohio State’s world-class faculty continue to be recognized across the country and around the world for the discoveries and impact they are making in their respective fields and disciplines. Over the past year, faculty received a record-breaking number of prestigious national and international awards. To celebrate their achievements, the Office of the President and the Office of Research hosted a Faculty Recognition Reception on April 22nd at the Faculty Club. Over 150 awardees were recognized throughout the evening. Congratulations to everyone who was honored.

Three of the honorees are pictured above with ADVANCE Associate Vice President Mary Juhas.

Andréa Grottoli: Ocean Sciences Voyager Award, American Geophysical Union, ADVANCE Faculty Research Lecturer

Jessica Winter: Five Sigma Physicist Award, American Physical Society, REACH 2011 Cohort and REACH Speaker

Dorota Brzezinska: Member, National Academy of Engineering & John Harrison Award, International Association of Institutes of Navigation, REACH 2011 Cohort, REACH Speaker and ADVANCE Faculty Research Lecturer

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