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BME announces promotion of faculty members

Posted: November 29, 2017

Jun Liu, professor, biomedical engineering Jun Liu, PhD, formerly an associate professor of biomedical engineering, has been promoted to full professor. She has been in the department for 20 years, beginning as a graduate student, to a research scientist and joined the department in 2005 as assistant professor. She also currently serves as the BME Deputy Director of Graduate Studies and the advisor to the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Student Association (BMEGSA). Her research focuses on studying how biomechanics impacts the health and disease of the eye. They have developed ultrasound-based techniques to measure the biomechanical responses of ocular tissue, including the cornea, the sclera, and the optic nerve head. They are translating this technique from the bench top to the clinics to help identify early and powerful biomarkers for ocular diseases.

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