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Gopalakrishnan Receives National Science Foundation Grant

Thu, 21st September, 2017

Sathya Gopalakrishnan, professor in the Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics, and faculty from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, the University of Georgia and Duke University have secured significant funding from the National Science Foundation. Their work will analyze the ways in which coastal processes and economic decisions about land use and coastal engineering interact to determine the nature and timing of adaptation to climate risk.
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Goff recognized for global health efforts in pharmacy

Mon, 18th September, 2017

Dr. Debra Goff, an infectious disease specialist and a clinical pharmacist at the Wexner Medical Center, is being honored for work to improve and expand global health pharmacy practices.

The American College of Clinical Pharmacy established the award to honor the passing of the founder of the its Global Health Practice and Research Network, Renee Holder.

Goff’s work during her 35 years of clinical practice includes establishing a network of pharmacists across six continents who share her passion to improve antimicrobial stewardship.

“Her global work is most notable in South Africa where she was nominated in 2012 to serve as the international advisor to the Federation of Infectious Diseases Society,” said Dr. Karri A. Bauer in her nomination letter to ACCP. Bauer is the infectious diseases research director at Merck’s Global Center for Scientific Affairs.

“There are no pharmacists trained in infectious diseases in South Africa, and only around 20 ID physicians. Debbie developed the first pharmacist ‘train the trainer’ antimicrobial stewardship mentoring program funded by a grant she received in 2014 from The Ohio State University. Similar to Dr. Holder’s initiative in Guatemala, Debbie established a rotation at Ohio State for South African pharmacists and students. The South African pharmacists work side by side with Debbie’s team of pharmacists and physicians. Students from the College of Pharmacy assist in showing them around campus and sharing several Buckeye traditions. After they complete training at OSU, Debbie works alongside each pharmacist in their South African hospitals. Her program mentors each pharmacist in clinical, research and publication skills.”

Goff also was recognized in the letter for a TEDxColumbus talk she gave in 2016 titled “Antibiotics: Just-in-case“. More than 7,500 people from multiple countries have viewed the talk on YouTube.

Goff might never have been chosen for TEDx if not for a training class started in March 2016 by the Infectious Diseases program, one of eight areas of the Discovery Themes initiative. Recognizing a need to shed light on antibiotic resistance, co-leads Michael Oglesbee and Cathie Smith enlisted the help of speaking expert Ruth Milligan to teach 10 faculty members to give TED-style talks as a way to translate complex research into everyday language.  The program has continued to expand and now includes graduate students.

The American College of Clinical Pharmacy will present the award to Goff at its annual meeting in Phoenix in September.

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Backes named Cancer IRB vice chair

Mon, 18th September, 2017

Dr. Floor Backes, associate professor of gynecologic oncology, has accepted the role of vice chair for the Cancer IRB, effective October 1, 2017. She will take over the role from Dr. Evan Wuthrick who announced his departure from Ohio State. Dr. Backes has served on the Cancer IRB since 2013. Her research interests include Lynch syndrome and novel treatments for endometrial and ovarian cancers.

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Ohio State’s Newest DOE Energy Stars

Mon, 11th September, 2017

Two Ohio State researchers are among just 59 receiving five-year, 2017 Department of Energy (DOE) Early Career Awards to advance high-impact energy research. This puts them in an elite group of the nation’s top young energy researchers. Hannah Shafaat, assistant professor in chemistry and biochemistry, and Kelly Wrighton, assistant professor in microbiology, join chemist Robert Baker, Ohio State’s first DOE award winner in 2015, and its second, chemist Abraham Badu-Tawiah, in 2016.

Now in its eighth year, DOE taps into a nationwide pool of more than 700 researchers in universities and DOE National Labs to identify and support innovative work. Wrighton’s $797,000 award “targets knowledge gaps” in microbial methane processes in soil to improve carbon-cycling transport models across terrestrial-aquatic environments. Shafaat aims to “bring inorganic carbon to life.” Her $750,000 grant supports the development and characterization of model nickel enzymes to efficiently convert CO2 and CO into liquid fuels.

Upon arrival at Ohio State in 2015, Kelly Wrighton quickly established a research group that soon saw something unexpected: methane-production in oxygenated soils — a finding in stark contrast to prevailing global, carbon-cycling models that assume methane does not occur under these conditions. “I was always interested in understanding ‘how things work,’ and was hooked from the moment I heard microbes had the power to clean up oil spills,” said Wrighton. “I wanted to explore how microorganisms might create ‘microbial engines’ that function for the advancement of society.”

Wrighton’s DOE funding optimizes both lab and field investigations, opening new windows to get a closer look at these unexpected, highly important processes. The grant also allows her to “add more eyes” — another graduate student and postdoctoral researcher, along with giving two undergraduates the opportunity to conduct authentic, summer research. “We are building reactors in the lab to model soil processes happening in the field that will allow us to identify actual chemical and biological controllers of methanogenesis in oxygenated soils.”

Methane, an important greenhouse gas, is significantly more potent than carbon dioxide. Wrighton’s work challenges current assumptions about how methane-producing microorganisms “behave” in natural systems. This has consequences at the global scale: methane emissions from wetland systems contribute about 40 percent to the atmosphere’s methane. “Our research will provide new insights into this microbial-catalyzed methane production, and collaborations with campus and DOE colleagues will enable better predictions of greenhouse gas production from a climatically relevant ecosystem.”

Wrighton is passing the torch to the next generation, taking concepts and data generated to the classroom to her environmental microbiology course, which educates approximately 40 undergraduate students every year. She received a PhD in microbiology from UC Berkeley and was a postdoc at UC Berkeley and at the DOE.

Hannah Shafaat 
came to Ohio State in 2013 and in 2015 received an NSF CAREER Award. Her group concentrates on developing simple model proteins that mimic large, complex metalloenzymes — ultimately to identify what it takes to build a robust catalyst for energy conversion.

“My interest in inorganic chemistry began when I joined a research group at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory my first year in college,” said Shafaat. “We were looking for life in extreme environments (like Mars!) — I loved it! There is still so much to learn about how nature tamed earth-abundant elements to perform challenging chemical reactions that, in many cases, elude synthetic efforts.”

The DOE grant will allow Shafaat to expand efforts into the chemically rich world of carbon. She and her team are developing proteins that can convert the greenhouse gas CO— a product of fossil-fuel combustion — into energy-rich compounds. Our research can ultimately lead towards developing carbon-neutral, sustainable fuels. This type of chemistry plays a key role in the metabolism of ancient microbial organisms and has been suggested as one possible mechanism for the origins of life, so this work will also provide an opportunity to learn about how these pathways may have evolved out of the primordial soup.

“The most exciting thing about this grant is being able to support my students and provide more research opportunities,” Shafaat says.

Shafaat’s projects cross many branches of chemistry, so her graduate students gain diverse expertise, a broad skill set, and an appreciation of how interdisciplinary research can address global problems. Undergraduates have always been a key part of her research group and can now have multiple ways to make important scientific contributions.

Shafaat received a PhD in physical chemistry from UC San Diego in 2011 where she was an NSF Graduate Research Fellow and a National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellow. She was a Humboldt Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion.

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COMPUGIRLS: How to Create Culturally Responsive Computing Programs for Underrepresented Girls and Women

Thu, 7th September, 2017

Kimberly Scott Lecture
Tuesday, September 26, 2017 – 4:00pm to 6:00pm
Ramseyer Hall, Room 100

Profile picture of Professor Scott, from Arizona State University.

Dr. Kimberly Scott is a Women and Gender Studies professor and the Founding Executive Director of the Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology (CGEST) at Arizona State University. Trained as a sociologist of education and childhoods, Professor Scott’s interdisciplinary work examines girls’ of color social and academic development in informal spaces and their technosocial innovations. She is established in many publications, such as the International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education and Feminism and Psychology, and has published the book Women Education Scholars and Their Children’s Schooling.

Her lecture, titled “COMPUGIRLS: How to Create Culturally Responsive Computing Programs for Underrepresented Girls and Women,” will open the discussion of how to create initiatives for underrepresented girls, the accompanying challenges, and affordances in creating the nationally renowned program, COMPUGIRLS. She will discuss the program, its creation, and the implications of engaging in disruptive scholar-activist work.

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Calling All Inventors: Apply for an Accelerator Award!

Wed, 6th September, 2017

The Accelerator Awards program provides Ohio State researchers up to $100,000 to advance and further develop promising technologies and bring them closer to market. Concept development, prototyping, coding, market studies and customer validation efforts are eligible uses for this award. Ohio State researchers who have disclosed their inventions to the Technology Commercialization Office are eligible for the award. Applications for this round of funding can be accessed through Innovate or here and are due Monday (9/25) by 10 p.m.



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Battelle Engineering, Technology and Human Affairs (BETHA) Grant Call for Proposals

Tue, 29th August, 2017

Full-time assistant, associate and full professors (with a minimum 75% appointment for a nine or 12-month period) are invited to submit proposals to be considered for 2018 Battelle Endowment funding.

The Battelle Memorial Institute-Ohio State partnership fosters programs that examine the relationship between science and technology and its impact on broader social and cultural issues. Emphasis is placed on educational and public service projects rather than pure research. Interdisciplinary collaborations within the university and collaborations with other institutions are especially encouraged. Projects that address engineering-related topics or feature collaborations between engineering and the social sciences or arts/humanities are particularly welcomed. Typically, three to six awards are granted, ranging from $10,000 to $60,000.  Awards will be made in the spring of 2018 for projects to begin the following autumn semester. The deadline for receipt of proposals is Tuesday, November 21, 2017, at 5 p.m. 

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document below. If you have additional questions not addressed in the FAQ, contact Cheryl Cahlander, betha@research.osu.edu, or call (614) 247-4764.

Battelle-Ohio State Partnership History

BETHA Proposal Call 2018

BETHA Proposal Submission Instructions

BETHA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

BETHA Past Funded Projects

Proposal Documents – Fillable PDF
(Note: You must download/save the documents before they can be used as a fillable PDF)

BETHA Proposal Checklist

BETHA Proposal Cover Page

BETHA Budget Summary Form

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Distinguished Scholar Award Nominations Sought

Tue, 22nd August, 2017

The Office of Research is requesting nominations for the 2018 University Distinguished Scholar Award (DSA). Each year, through the DSA program, the university recognizes and honors six faculty members who demonstrate scholarly activity, research or other creative works which represent exceptional achievements in their fields. Recipients of the award receive a $20,000 research grant and a $3,000 honorarium to pursue their scholarly activity.

The deadline for submission of nominations is Monday, October 16, 2017 at 5 p.m.

2018 DSA Nomination Packet (Fillable PDF)
(Note: You must download/save the packet before it can be used as a fillable PDF).

Read about past Distinguished Scholar Award recipients.

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SBIR/SITTR Opportunities

Fri, 18th August, 2017


Sol. #: PHS-2018-1;        Agency: Department of Health and Human Services

Solicitation PHS 2018-1, including proposal forms, will be available electronically on or around July 17, 2017; Phase I and II Submission dates: SEPTEMBER 5, 2017; AND JANUARY 5, 2018

Link: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/HHS/NIH/NIAID/PHS-2018-1/listing.html

See research topics posted. Also see Link: Link: https://sbir.nih.gov/funding#omni-sbir

DoD SBIR/STTR solicitation
17.3, 17.C – Pre-Release Begins on August 25, 2017; Announcement Opens on September 26, 2017; Announcement Closes on October 25, 2017 at 8:00 p.m. ET
Link: https://sbir.defensebusiness.org/

Department of Energy FY18 Phase I solicitation
– Release 1 topics published; Release 2 topics to be published October 30, 2017. Release 1 Letters of Intent (LOI) Due: September 05, 2017; Applications Due: October 16, 2017
Link: https://science.energy.gov/sbir/funding-opportunities/

Department of Agriculture- USDA SBIR – 
Phase I Closing Date: Thursday, October 5, 2017
Link: https://nifa.usda.gov/phase-i-phase-ii-solicitations

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TCO Tech Insider Discussion Scheduled for August 29th

Tue, 15th August, 2017

The Technology Commercialization Office (TCO) is hosting a Tech Insider Discussion entitled “Research, Technology and Business Opportunities” featuring Ms. Nancy Dawes, Research Fellow, The Victor Mills Society, The Procter & Gamble Company on Tuesday, August 29, 2017 from 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM in the Colleagues Room at The Faculty Club, 181 Oval Drive South. The informal “fireside chat” will be held over cocktails/beverages and hors d’oeuvres. The TCO will moderate the discussion which will focus on:

  • Innovation and product development strategy
  • Identifying market trends
  • Integration of consumer business and technology and product development
  • Critical role of Procter & Gamble’s scientists in discovery and innovation
  • Collaboration models of universities and industry

Please RSVP to Tracy Preston at preston.317@osu.edu.

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