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Rev1 Ventures Launches $22 Million Seed Fund to Fuel High-Growth Startups

Tue, 30th August, 2016

Columbus, OH—August 30, 2016—Today, Rev1Ventures, a top VC investor in the Great Lakes Region, announced the launch of Rev1 Fund I, the company’s most significant fund to-date and the largest seed-stage fund in Columbus history. A first-of-its-kind for the region, the corporate-backed fund is supported by Nationwide, The Ohio State University, Cardinal Health and other top Columbus companies and organizations including the Ohio Third Frontier.

“Rev1 Fund I showcases the power of community support in building great companies,” said Tom Walker, CEO of Rev1 Ventures. “We’ve attracted corporate and institutional investors from our own backyard who recognize the importance of fostering new business growth and are putting up the money to make it happen. Thanks to their groundbreaking support, Rev1 can provide more early-stage startups what they truly need—more significant initial and follow-on investment rounds as well as continued support through strategic services.”

Rev1 Ventures also made a significant investment in the fund, leveraging returns from prior successful investments in Columbus start-ups. The Rev1 management team also invested in the fund.

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Gender Initiatives in STEMM is now Ohio State ADVANCE

Fri, 15th April, 2016

We have some exciting news! The Ohio State University’s Gender Initiatives in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine) in the Office of Research is now Ohio State ADVANCE.

The name change is a result of a 2008 Institutional Transformation grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) ADVANCE program. ADVANCE fosters institutional change through support, increased representation and advancement of women faculty in academic STEM careers. We will continue to implement programs and initiatives focused towards the support of women faculty in STEM disciplines, while closely aligning our work with NSF’s ADVANCE program strategies and mission. OSU ADVANCE will continue to work closely with campus partners to maximize best practices for recruiting, retaining and advancing faculty.

Ohio State’s involvement with ADVANCE allows us to join a network of fellow academic institutions that recognize the importance of bridging the gender gap in STEM fields through ongoing research, program implementation and best practices.

We ask that you please help share this change with your faculty, staff and students.

If you have any questions, would like more information or are interested in partnering with Ohio State ADVANCE, please contact Nicole Nieto, Ph.D., Program Manager, nieto.12@osu.edu.

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Call For Sumbissions for I-Corps@Ohio

Fri, 4th December, 2015

I-Corps@Ohio is a statewide program to assist faculty and graduate students from Ohio Universities and Colleges to validate the market potential of their technologies and launch startup companies. I-Corps@Ohio is modeled after the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) successful I-Corps Program, which is proven to increase innovation, entrepreneurship, and industry collaboration.
Through this grant funded program, Ohio faculty and graduate student teams will:
  • accelerate the commercialization of their technologies from their respective universities and colleges;
  • learn how Lean Startup, Customer Discovery, and Business Model Canvas methodologies apply to their projects;
  • expand their business acumen and their professional networks across the state; and
  • help to drive sustainable technology-based economic development in Ohio

I-Corps@Ohio is a 7-week long program which includes and Orientation, Launch, Weekly WebEx Meetings, and a 2-day long Finale. Each team must consist of at least: a Principal Investigator, an Entrepreneurial Lead, and an Executive/Entrepreneurial Mentor. Selected teams are eligible for funding up to $15,000. All teams are required to submit an online profile and executive summary submission beginning January 4th, 2016 and final submissions are due by February 7th, 2016.

Contact the I-Corps@Ohio Program Manager, Nikki Modlich, at modlich.5@osu.edu for more information.

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Call for Submissions for Accelerator Award

Wed, 4th November, 2015

Inventors: Accelerator Award Submissions Due Nov. 16
The Accelerator Awards provide Ohio State researchers with a small amount of capital to further develop and validate inventions, software, and technologies. Concept development, prototyping, coding, market studies, and customer validation efforts are eligible uses for an Accelerator Award. Available to all Ohio State researchers who have disclosed their inventions to the TCO, awards are distributed in amounts up to $50,000.
“Its truly amazing what a small amount of focused money can do,” said Dr. Monica Giusti, an Associate Professor in the Department of Food, Science, and Technology who has extensive experience collaborating with industry. “The Accelerator Award program is truly a great initiative; this infusion of dollars will be a great resource to truly get an idea off the ground and into the proof of concept phase, a vital step when working with industry.”
Applications for this round of funding are due Monday (11/16).

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Dr. Melissa Bailey Awarded Early Career Innovator of The Year by OSU

Thu, 29th October, 2015

Early Career Innovator of the Year: Melissa BaileyMelissa-Bailey_mailchimpIMG

The 2015 Early Career Innovator of the Year is Melissa Bailey, associate professor in the College of Optometry. Her work in the areas of visual optics and the development of myopia is leading to new technologies that are changing the way health care providers diagnose and treat visual impairment. Dr. Bailey was a member of the 2014 REACH for Commercialization co-hort.

In 2014, she won the Big Ideas for Health competition hosted by the IDEA Studio for Healthcare and Design at the Wexner Medical Center for a mobile software application, called TESA (for The Eye Scan App), that allows health care practitioners to make many different measurements of the eye, including an estimate of a patient’s glasses prescription and a new, automated measurement of eye alignment. Current testing for eye misalignment, a condition which causes blurred vision and can’t be corrected after the age of 10, requires high-level technical expertise and specialized equipment. Because of the dramatically simplified hardware and ease of use, Dr. Bailey’s device can be used in any location at a fraction of the cost of existing devices. The invention was licensed in 2014 by the start-up company Sight4All, and may be available to health practitioners within the next year.

Dr. Bailey is also collaborating with emeritus professor of optometry Joseph Barr on the development of a new bifocal contact lens design – the Buck-Eye Contact lens, which received a provisional patent in September. And her non-invasive imaging technique for measuring the size and shape of the eye’s ciliary muscle was issued a patent in June.

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