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Workshops & Consultations

ADVANCE offers workshops and trainings to colleges, units and departments on topics including inclusion, implicit bias and other issues related to equity. These workshops provide tools and strategies to create inclusive climates in an engaging and thoughtful way.

To inquire about a workshop please contact: Katie Musson, musson.7@osu.edu.

Examining Social Identity: Creating Authentic and Inclusive Spaces of Dialogue
This workshop focuses on creating spaces for authentic dialogue. Particular attention will be paid to understanding one’s own social identities (gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, socioeconomic status, religion/spirituality, language and nationality) and how these identities impact one’s experiences. This workshop offers specific strategies as well as experiential activities for creating more inclusive cultures through dialogue. The core focus is on valuing difference, diversity and inclusion to examine current structural, systemic and cultural imbalances.

Breaking the Bias Habit®: A Workshop to Promote Gender Equity
This workshop introduces participants to the concepts of unconscious biases and assumptions about gender by treating the application of such biases as a “bad habit.” Participants will uncover their own biases through use of an Implicit Association Test and discover underlying concepts and language used in the psychological and social psychological literature to describe such processes. Proven strategies for reducing the application of these biases will be provided. Breaking the Bias Habit® is a registered trademark of WISELI and the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System.

Covering: What It Costs Us and Our Organizations
Based on the work by Kenji Yoshino, legal scholar and NYU constitutional law professor, this workshop examines the notion of covering. Covering is a strategy through which an individual downplays a known stigmatized identity to blend into the mainstream. Individuals can cover in different ways including appearance and affiliation. The difference between diversity and inclusion will be explored as well as how the notion of covering inhibits an inclusive climate. Through experiential activities, participants will examine the ways in which they cover. Strategies for increasing inclusion will be covered.

Gendered Leadership: Gender Differences and the Traits of Effective Leadership
This workshop examines effective leadership through a gendered lens. Participants will interrogate leadership styles gendered traditionally “masculine” and “feminine.” Overall notions of effective leadership and strategies for increasing effectiveness as a leader will be explored.

Navigating Negotiations: Why Women Must Ask
This workshop examines the importance of negotiation. Women typically do not negotiate and when they do, they sell themselves short. Participants will gain a greater understanding of the barriers women often face when it comes to negotiating as well as how this impacts them throughout their careers. Specific negotiation strategies will be shared.