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Ellen Mosley Thompson and Lonnie Thompson with ice core 2

Ellen Mosley-Thompson and Lonnie Thompson

The Ohio State University recognizes the importance of dual career hiring in recruiting and retaining exceptional faculty and has policies in place to support partner hiring. This is particularly important for women in the STEM fields, where studies show dual career needs are more prevalent. Colleges and units should contact a Talent Acquisition Consultant to discuss available support services.

As part of its commitment to the recruitment and retention of a diverse and world-class faculty, the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) has established a hiring fund to help support dual career academic appointments.

Duets in Engineering

Learn more about dual career couples in the College of Engineering through Duets in Engineering.

Higher Education Recruitment Consortium

Ohio State is a founding member of the Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC).

Higher Education Recruitment Consortium LogoThe Higher Education Recruitment Consortium is a non-profit consortium of over 600 colleges, universities, hospitals, labs, and related organizations that share a commitment to dual career and diversity hiring. The site offers a wealth of dual-career information and resources, including a job board with access to regional and national jobs in higher education and related institutions.

Additional Dual-Career Resources

Stanford’s Clayman Institute for Gender Research offers an in-depth report on dual careers in academia.